How does my high school student get a tablet?

In order to help our students graduate with the necessary tech skills needed to compete in a 21st Century workplace, ALL high school students must have a HP Elite tablet. 

Parents/guardians who signed the papers and paid the $50 last year, do not have to do anything else for the 2014-2015 school year!  Students who had tablets last spring will be reissued their own tablets the week after Labor Day.

In order for a student to receive this tablet, his/her parent/guardian must do the following:

Watch the hiTEC orientation/overview video.  The video may be watched at home or parents can visit the school and use a school computer.  Click here to watch the video:  Overview of hiTEC

After watching the video, the parent should review the hiTEC handbook. Click here for that book.

The last two pages of the handbook (click here for just those two pages) must be signed by the parent/guardian AND the student, and returned to school with a $50 insurance payment.  This ONE TIME ONLY payment of $50 protects the student and parent from loss, theft and accidental damage.  Please contact the principal directly if you need to work out a payment plan.  This insurance payment covers the tablet until your student graduates from a district high school. 

These tablets remain the property of the Chester County School District and must be returned if a student withdraws from the district.

Students--what should you do when your HP Elite tablet is not working properly?  First, email  Put your name and school in the subject line and a description of the issue in the email.  After documenting your request for help, you can go by the technician's office located in the school.  Technicians have their "help hours" posted on the door.  If a student tablet cannot be fixed immediately, a loaner may be issued.