• Instructor: Coach Lewis          Email: jlewis@chester.k12.sc.us                     Phone: 803-377-5056


    Course Description: This year-long social studies course will cover the Physical and Human Geography of the world. We will focus on understanding those concepts and then travel around the world looking at their application in different regions.



    Unit 1: Foundations of Geography

    ·         5 themes of geography

    ·         Latitude and longitude

    ·         Get to know the earth

    Unit 2: Climate

    ·         Factors impacting climate

    Unit 3: Culture

    ·         Language

    ·         Religion

    ·         Politics

    ·         Economics

    ·         Civilizations project

    Unit 4: Australia & New Zealand

    Unit 5: Europe

    ·         Travel project

    Unit 8: Middle East & North Africa

    ·         Brochure project

    Unit 9: US & Canada

    ·         Travel project

    Unit 10: Oceania

    ·         Instagram project


    Notebook: will be divided into 4 sections: 1. Bell Ringers, 2. Assignments, 3. Notes, 4. Maps


    Grading Policy


    Late work will lose 10% every day that it is late.


    Please see the backside for details about expectation, rules and policies.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the information at the top of this syllabus.


    I’m looking forward to a fantastic school year.



    Mr. Lewis