• Environmental Science Syllabus

    Ms. Maria Leonora L. Delos Santos



    Class Room Rules

    1. Come to class on time and prepared. This means with paper, pencil, notebook, and   text book.
    2. Use appropriate language and tone. Any conversation should be related to the activity.
    3. Respect yourself and others; don’t talk while others are talking.
    4. Be an active member of this classroom.
    5. All other school rules must also be observed. This means no cell phones or other electronic devices, no eating or drinking, appropriate dress attire (see safety contract) with a visible school id.



    • First Offense: Reminder
    • Second Offence:                 Student-Teacher Conference
    • Third Offense: After School Detention
    • Fourth Offense:             Referral

    *** For severe offenses, students will be immediately referred to an administrator and removed from class.


    • Folder
    • Notebook, loose leaf paper
    • You will be doing projects in this class



              A       90 – 100

              B       80 – 90

              C       70 – 80

              D       60 - 70

    Quarterly assessment will be weighted according to the following:

    • Homework          5%
    • Quizzes / Classwork 35%
    • Projects/Tests/Labs 60%



    Class Participation:

              I expect everyone in our class to participate for the entire 90 minutes. I expect you to have your materials for class, do your bell work, take notes, work on daily assignments and participate in the activities. This will be a project based class. I will be giving points based on how much you do, not on if you always have the correct answer.            


                Homework will be given per unit. Overall, I expect homework to be done outside of the 90 minute class period, but you will get a chance to ask questions about homework during class.

                We will be doing some exploratory inquiry based activities both outside and in the classroom. There are special rules for labs, and these rules are meant to be taken very seriously. Points will be given based on how well directions were followed, as well as completeness and correctness.

    Extra Help

    I will be here until 4:30 at least 3 days a week, or you can make an appointment to meet with me after school. If you are having difficulties in the class please let me know as soon as possible so that we may be able to get you the help you need, don’t wait until the last minute. We will be moving quickly, and you will be held accountable for your own education.

     Make-up Policy:

                You are responsible for any missed information. You will be given 5 days to make up any missed assignments before they will be recorded as a zero. All tests, quizzes and labs must be made up outside of class time.

    Planning Sequence:







    3 wks

    Intro to Environmental Sci., Scientific Method, Economics, Environmental Policy



    4 wks

    Population ecology, Evolution, Biomes, Biodiversity, Conservation



    3 wks

    Human Population, Environmental Health, Urbanization



    2.5 wks

    Forestry, Soil, Agriculture, Mining,



    3 wks

    Water, Atmosphere



    2.5 wks

    Climate Change, Nonrenewable Energy, Energy Alternatives, Waste Management



    This schedule of topics is tentative – it may change due to circumstances.  In that case, I will adjust the final test to reflect what we did cover in class.



    Student and Parent/Guardian Information

    I have read and agree with the syllabus stated above. I plan to do my part to make sure that we have the best year possible and achieve all of our learning expectations.


    Student name: _________________________________________Student signature:__________________



    Parent/Guardian signature: _______________________


    Parent/Guardian Contact number: ______________

    Parent/Guardian email: _________________


    Medical information : ____________________________________________________________




    Comments/Concerns: ____________________________________________________________