• Mentoring Matters!

    Mentoring Matters! is a program developed by the Chester County School District utilizing resources from a national, nonprofit mentoring organization called the Youth Build National Mentoring Alliance, fostering love, respect, responsibility, courage, integrity, and cooperation.


    What is Mentoring?

    Mentoring is a mutual relationship and partnership between two individuals who share common interests.  A mentor is a trusted adult friend with a long-term, consistent commitment to provide guidance and support to a young person.  By engaging a mentor, a young person should feel empowered to take greater responsibility for their lives, families, and community.


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Contact Information

  • Chester Park COLT | 803-581-7275

    Walter Jones, Principal

    Gloria Cornwell, Mentoring Coordinator

    Lewisville Elementary | 803-789-5164

    Anne Stone, Principal

    Becky Crouch, Mentoring Coordinator

    Chester Park Arts | 803-581-7279

    Shana Harper, Principal

    Jenny Rausch, Mentoring Coordinator

    Chester Middle | 803-377-8192

    Sheka Houston, Principal

    Marquita Brown, Mentoring Coordinator

    Chester Park Inquiry | 803-581-7282

    Robin Taylor, Principal

    Vondricka Gilmore, Mentoring Coordinator

    Lewisville Middle | 803-789-5858

    Brian Edmond, Principal

    Alma Wilson, Mentoring Coordinator

    Great Falls Elementary | 803-482-2214

    Tammy Taylor, Principal

    Berthia Washington-Kelly, Mentoring Coordinator

    Great Falls High | 803-482-2210 (grades 6-8)

    Jamal Sanders, Principal

    TBD, Mentoring Coordinator


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