Instructor - Katy Larson

Regular Dance Club

  • Regular dance club is offered to students in grade 1 through 5. I limit the groups to no more than 25 per group. They meet after school on Wednesdays.  There is no audition for regular dance club, but there is a selection process as I usually have between 30-50 students sign up per grade level. Students can sign up during the first week of school. Once I have all of the sign-in sheets, I contact classroom teachers and related arts teachers in regards to their behavior, attendance, and effort on school work (not grades). These clubs are offered at different times throughout the year so that I can get to all grade levels, and are typically done around the time of the grade level performances. They meet for 5-6 weeks prior to the performance. After the performance, I work with another grade level of students on their performance dance. Students must have a ride to pick them up from school on club days. 

GT Dance Club

  • GT dance is offered to fourth and fifth grade students and requires an audition process. The students can be recommended for the program during the first week of school. Once all forms have been turned in, I send home letters about the audition process, which is a 2-day process. The first day of the audition, students will learn a 24 count dance phrase and practice improvisation strategies, and the second day is the actual audition day where the dancers audition for a group of judges.  After the scores are turned in from the judges, letters are sent home to students. We begin meeting towards the beginning of the school year and meet all year long on Thursday afternoons. This group performs at least once a year, usually in March. They either perform a dance routine as part of Arts in Our School or as part of the school's Musical.  Students must have a ride to pick them up from school on club days.