• UPDATE: 12/11/2020

    Parents, if you submitted a request to change your child's instructional model from virtual to hybrid or from hybrid to virtual, you will be notified by email on Monday, December 14th. The email will be from a member of the Office of Instruction and include your child's name, grade, and school. The email will also contain a letter attached. Please read the letter carefully for important information regarding your request and next steps. 


    Note: If you requested for your hybrid child to attend 4 days instead of 2, you will not be notified. The completion of the survey was only necessary if you were requesting a change between the two instructional models.


    These changes are final and we hope your child has a successful educational experience for the remainder of this school year!



    The parent survey to request a change in instructional model for your child(ren) closed at 5:00pm on Friday, November 20, 2020. The survey was previously open for a 3-week period.  We appreciate all requests and please note the following:


    • Requests are being considered at this time and will be allowed based on staffing needs for hybrid and virtual programs.

    • Changes to hybrid or virtual, if allowed, will be effective on the following dates: Pre-K to Grade 2 on January 6; Grades 3-5 on January 19; and middle and high school students on February 8. Parents will receive an email by December 18, 2020 if the transfer request has been approved.

    • If you requested a move to virtual and did not provide proof of internet, we will not be able to approve your request. Students in the virtual program must have access to internet daily.

    • If you have already requested a change in instructional model for your child earlier this school year and it was approved, you will not be allowed to make another change. 

    • Current hybrid students attending school 2 days per week will automatically move to attending school 4 days per week based on the above schedule. Parents will not receive an email as this is an automatic change. Completing a survey was only necessary to request a change from virtual to hybrid or hybrid to virtual.


    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to keep hybrid class sizes at a minimum for social distancing and adhere to guidelines from DHEC and the CDC. This ensures that students and teachers are provided an environment that is as healthy and safe as possible during the pandemic.