Mr. David Gerdes



Degrees and Certifications:

BA Literature from UC Santa Cruz MAT Secondary English from University of South Carolina AP English Language and Composition AP English Literature Read to Succeed

Mr. David Gerdes

Character David “Mr. Gerdes” Gerdes 


Character Creation Date 9/9/81 


Class English Teacher


Alignment Lawful good – I do not follow EVERY rule, but my morality rules my everyday interactions. 


Armor Itemize your ideal outfit. 

Shoes: barefoot 

Legs: khaki shorts 

Torso: ironic T-shirt 

Jewelry: wedding band  

Head: ironic bandana 


Weapons Grappling (wresting), wit


Transportation 2003 Toyota Avalon 


Auxiliary Gear slots What three items do you have on you at all times? 

1. glasses 

2. something that plays music 

3. pen/ pencil 



Animal Handling 13 – very good with domestic animals. not very good with wild animals 

Athletics 15 – played football, wrestled, and threw shot putt and discuss in high school. Used to be really good at racquetball. 

Stealth 13 – I am surprisingly sneaky for such a big guy. I surprise my wife by “stalking about” 

Survival 12 – I am an Eagle Scout. I have never killed a living thing… so getting food might be difficult. 

Street Smarts  9 – the guys I ate lunch with in high school claimed to be in gangs… but I did not hang out with them outside of school. 

Technology 17 – I am a geek, and I am fairly good with computers… BUT my brother currently has my Mac because he can fix things I cannot. 

Medicine 6 – I am not very good in a medical crisis 

Mental Fortitude 14 – I have a lot of stress right now, and I am handling it pretty well. 

Art 8 – I can manipulate colors into something interesting, but I am horrible at realistic drawing. 

Writing 19 – I plan to be published at some point. 

Music 7 – I can rock some metal songs at karaoke… but it may not technically sound great 

Famous 6 – there will never be a movie made about my classroom, but I do want my due 


Basic character traits. 


Strength 14 – I do not lift weights, but my natural strength is not to be ignored 

Dexterity 12 – I knit… even with my big hands (I wear a size 16 ring) 

Constitution 14 – I am rarely out… but when I am… I am REALLY sick. 

Intelligence  18 – my wife is smarter than me… but I can hold my own with her (she is technically a genius based on her IQ)  

Charisma 17 – I am a very social person, and I have never met someone that could not become my friend. My high charisma score makes my awkwardness seem more like charm.