Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sherry Adams


All my life, I have wanted to "make something of myself" and it is finally a reality.  I went to the H.B. Swofford Career Center where I was first exposed to graphics, printing and photography.  It was Swofford that inspired me to follow a career in Graphics. I was accepted into a cooperative education (co-op) position where my printing career began. My experience includes working in the printing industry making plates, designing and even printing, but I wanted more. I went back to school, Spartanburg Community College and Piedmont, to get degrees in Commercial Art and Commercial Graphics. While in college, I was inspired to teach because I realized that ALL my experience in the field trained me more for TEACHING than anything else.  I sent my resume to two schools in the surrounding area, not realizing that a position was awaiting me.  I received a call less than a week after sending my resume to Chester County Career Center (CCCC) and I have been there ever since. 

I am currently the Graphic Communications Instructor and SkillsUSA chapter advisor. Through the SkillsUSA organization, I began working on involving our club in activities. As a graphics teacher, I preach to my students how “I am a product of this class,” and spend countless hours instructing students to go over and beyond.  You may be asking, “How?”  I get them involved in programs that give them opportunities for achievement outside school as well as by giving school a new meaning for them.  I give my time and talent to help foster creativity and share knowledge to help grow future leaders. For example, staying after school to help my students work on projects and encourage them to be more involved in their education is one way.  I also get students interested in projects that involve their community and create opportunities for them beyond college. Due to the nature of the Graphics classes, I have many hands-on activities and live projects; therefore, all my students are engaged in meaningful real world projects that reinforce instruction across the curriculum. These activities are based on their unique abilities. I recently had a certificate student who chose to come to my class instead of art and stayed with my class for four years during one block all year. To make this unusual situation work, I collaborated with the special education teacher. Adjusting assignments to special needs students provides them with meaningful assignments appropriate to their abilities. 

In addition, I am involved with several extracurricular organizations that contribute to the overall learning and development of students. I am a SkillsUSA advisor, which is a student organization for Career and Technical Education (CATE) students to teach them leadership and employability skills. As part of this organization, I have provided opportunities for my students to compete on the state and national levels. Over the last ten years, I have taken numerous students to the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference (South Carolina State Officers and  many as competitors in Graphic Communications, Graphic Imaging Sublimation, Advertising Design, Building Maintenance, Customer Service, Promotional Bulletin Board, Chapter Display and American Spirit Awards).  Each of these competitions and positions involve interviews with judges to build their speaking skills and confidence. These skills will follow my students throughout their lives. My job as a CATE teacher is to make students employable, and SkillsUSA provides them unique opportunities to build their leadership and employability skills. Our SkillsUSA chapter worked on community service projects such as Salvation Army Assistance, Community Food Drive, Relay for Life, Pennies for Patients, March of Dimes, SC SkillsUSA Pop Tops for Dialysis, Active Day Bingo, Hospice Volunteering, and 4-H Teen Council helper with the Can Food Drive, Making an Impression, and Recycle with a Cause, Better Block pop-up Chester, Better Block Holiday at the Crossing and Chester's Christmas Parade.