• TLC Point System is used to track behavior and determine eligibilty to return to home school. 

    Point System

    Tier 3

    Tier 2

    Tier 1




    181 and above







    Dress Down Friday

    Dress Down Everyday



    Hallway Pass

    Hallway Pass




    Opportunity to return to home school


    *****ALL students will begin at 0 points, Tier 3.

    *****In order to return to home school, a student must remain at Tier 1 for a minimum of 3 weeks. 

    *****Points will be earned in the following manner: 

    • Attendance - 1pt
    • 1st Period - 1pt
    • 2nd Period - 1pt 
    • 3rd Period - 1 pt 
    • 4th Period - 1 pt 
    • Character Ed/Physical Activity - 1pt

    ***** Points may be lost in the following manner: 

    • Teachers may take a point per class period for inappropriate behavior. 
    • Suspension of 3 or less days will result in a 1 Tier drop (will return to the lowest point level of that tier.) 
    • Suspension of 4 or more days will result in the loss of ALL earned points.