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First Week Updates

Good Evening Chester County School District Families & Staff Members!

This is Dr. Antwon Sutton, Superintendent of Chester County School District. We completed our first week back and our students did an awesome job! I am really impressed at how our students followed procedures relating to wearing their masks, navigating the “one-way” hallways, using the sanitizing stations properly and really adjusting to the new normal of this pandemic. For our virtual learners, I thank you all as we continue to work through the “first week” technical glitches as we all really start to find our groove for our online instruction. I ask for continued patience as our district staff continues to assist virtual students with their Chromebook and internet issues. Please know we are all working as fast as we possibly can to get everyone up and running.

I assure you that our staff will work to address all concerns from parents. I also ask parents of those in the virtual setting to please be patient as well. This is an adjustment for all of us. Our teachers are working very hard to master teaching in the hybrid and virtual settings as well. All district staff members are to be commended for their work this week. Everyone worked hard to provide a safe learning environment for our students. I am confident that it will just get better and better each week as everyone adjusts to the new routines! I hope that everyone has a great weekend and prepare for the start of Week #2.

We will get through this together—CHESTER COUNTY STRONG!

Thank you and have a great evening and weekend!

Dr. Antwon M. Sutton